Hi, I'm Mikkel!

mikkel sciegienny of morningquestions.com

My name is Mikkel Sciegienny.

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, with my son and wife.

I'm an entrepreneur running 2 online businesses.

I believe that we too often focus on finding answers instead of asking the right questions.

Looking back, asking questions have helped me:

  • - Build 2x6-figure businesses (while working <40 hours/week)
  • - Make great investments
  • - Question the status quo

The right questions don't judge - and they don't prescribe.

Instead, the right questions dig out the best answers within you.

The right questions make YOU the principal.

That's why you should focus on asking the right questions, before coming up with answers.

MorningQuestions.com is the place I share the best questions I've found to build a better life and business.

It's free, and you get a question every morning at 6 am (here's an example).

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If you want to contact me or share a question that has been a gamechanger for you, please contact me.