Do you spend time where you add value?

Sometimes we get caught up in all sorts of tasks.

Tasks, that we shouldn’t perhaps be doing.

This question realigns your activities with where you have an impact.

Whenever you feel like you’re off-track, ask:

Where do I add the most value and how much time do I actually spend doing that?

Another way of going about it is also to consider whether you’re the right person for this particular task.

Being an entrepreneur myself, I often find myself doing things I shouldn’t be doing. Either because it’s not where I provide the most value – or because I’m not qualified for the job.

I recommend revisiting this question at least once a quarter (protip: bookmark this page, or sign up for the list).

This question comes from Blas Moros.

Blas is a great guy, who runs where he’s summarized +600 books (!). I highly recommend checking out his summaries and go follow him on Twitter too!